Our History

As a child, I always had an interest in Craft & Drawing, Creative Subjects. I always used to be the first in completing all the assignments. Hence I always had an excitement about imagining and creating images. We had been taught to make the Pin Hole Camera. That used to make me wonder how we could see the other side of the world through the pin hole. In school, we were also taught to make the prism where we had to insert broken glass pieces in a triangle. This always attracted me to the images created within. This use to take me to a completely different level of creativity & an imaginary world. Memories of this one especially will always remain close to my heart. I still remember one of my uncles who worked in a movie theatre. He used to collect film strips. Those film strips helped me identify my Talent within. My search for a box open at both the ends would start. Then, the next thing was to insert a magnifying glass on one side of the box and insert the film upside down on the other side. Once this was done,I just had to stand right outside our main door with a mirror at 12 noon & flash the sun’s rays on the magnifying glass. This in turn projected an image of the film on the wall. I used to enjoy playing this game. This actually triggered my passion within for my art and has been growing since then…